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Locky Ransomware... Is one for the ages!

Yep. This is the new "Bad Boy" virus/ransomware attacking all OS platforms. Comes to the user via a MS Word document attached to an email. When the doc is clicked to open it deploys a macro which starts to encrypt files and takes over your display.

The Hackers then ask for a $217.00 USD fee for the unlock key. They want to be paid by Bitcoin to avoid traceability. There is no guarantee that the Hackers will in fact send the user a decryption key after payment. They will up the ante up to 10K if they can. As of this moment in time, we can eradicate the macro and encryption but there is no fool proof solution to recover encrypted files. Unfortunately 95% of PC/Mac users do not back-up their files hence recovery is 100% dependant on trying to remedy the files on the hard drive proper. We are currently testing some Command lines but so far we are not able to decrypt

Please read our 15 Simple Tips for On-Line Safety and Security Read Here:

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