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Family owned and operated since 2004

We are what many of our clients consider a Boutique Style service company.  Our understanding of the fact that each and every client requires a level of service that meets their individual needs which is solely focused on helping them overcome their IT challenges in a manner which is both transparent and value added sets us apart from the big box IT support companies.

Our decision to focus solely on On-Site service which is supported by Remote Support is driven by our desire to assist clients with most of not all of their IT/Smart Home needs.  


Our progressive learning helps us develop our skills in troubleshooting and remedying 100's of IT issues including hardware, software, networking, internet, printing, security issues and general end user malaises.


We also invest time and money maintaining our Microsoft and Apple Associate Certifications which provides us with direct access to more advanced and detailed documentation and fixes for most if not all hardware and software related failures.


Our Technicians have an extensive knowledge base that include mobile device OS's such as Apple iOS and Android and Smart Home setup and support. (Nest Home, Amazon and Control4) 


We are 100% committed to ensuring that all of our in-house and affiliated IT Technicians are properly trained and dedicated to our client's complete satisfaction.


We will consider it a privilege to be able to help you overcome your IT challenges or to assist you in being well versed in what current technology can do for you. 

Reach out to us via and we will be there in short order! 

Computer Repairs Clarence-Rockland
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