I pride myself in coaching each client and avoid speaking above their heads!

Too many IT Support Techs take advantage of their client's lack of knowledge when it comes to their IT systems and functionality.  I believe that proper coaching and value added interaction with my clients help me diagnose more effectively.  Furthermore, I do not waste my clients money trying to salvage a PC that is past it's due by date in terms of its ability to contend with modern day computing requirements. 


When it comes to website design, content narrative, word smithing, Social Media accounts deployment, website and email hosting services, and I offer Pre-Set options or made to measure options. 

Virus - Trojan Horse - Phishing 

Removal and Protection


My PC Health Check returns a PC or Mac (yes Mac's do get infected) to it's pre- infection state by removing all infections including:

  • Viruses

  • Phishing Tokens

  • Trojan Horses

  • Malicious Keyloggers

  • Browser Highjacks

  • Botnets

  • Scareware/Ransomware

  • FREE PC Cleaning included

  • We also offer Remote Access Support.



Network and Data Security



My Network Security remedy solutions are a process of taking physical and software preventative measures to protect your underlying networking infrastructure including your data.


I identify unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure, thereby creating a secure platform for computers, users and programs to perform in a danger free zone.




Hardware Repairs, Upgrades and Scheduled Preventive Maintenance


Are you getting an error message? Hearing a few too many beaps? Perhaps your computer sounds like its turning on, but it's not getting anywhere? Chances are you have a hardware problem.

I carry a fully stocked diagnostic kit to help diagnose the faulty part, and of course provide you with a range of options on what is required to get you back online in no time.


Why waste time dropping off your computer at a shop, just to have it waiting around for days before someone looks at it?


Social Media & SEO Coaching


I create or modify your existing Social Media accounts in order for these accounts to become a major of part of maximizing backlink traffic to your own website.  More often that not, Social Media accounts comprimise your SEO. We take every measure to eliminate this risk.


Proper use of Social Media is an Art Form which requires creativity, fluidity and messaging sustenance failing which it can be void of any value.


I also help my clients take charge of their Social Media footprint by offering a one day Social Media Course that is unmatched!

Webiste Design & Maintenance


I can either build out an entirely new website or contribute to enhancing your current website.

I also develop a proper SEO plan which will ensure that your website is web search friendly.

Website design is a collaboration between the client and our design team.  

Remote Help Desk


My secured remote Help Desk service is 100% dependant on the health your internet connection.

Provided that you are connected to the internet, I can set up a secure connection to your computer.

Once connected, I will benefit from the same access to your computer as I would have by being on-site at your home or business.  

It is recommended that you be near your computer during our remote connection.

Please keep in mind that the speed at which we can deliver my services is 100% influenced by the speed of your computer and Internet connection.