TECH 4-U focuses on bringing together established and emerging technologies to provide software, IT security, tech support and hardware solutions to our clients. 

Our unique combination of specialist knowledge, innovative technology platforms and services enables our clients to remain ahead in this fast changing IT environment.

We offer a combination of value added services, platforms and advice delivered with reliability, support and certainty.

  • Complete PC Health via Virus Infection Eradication, Physical Cleaning and System Performance Tweaks.

  • Hardware troubleshooting and repairs along with upgrades for PC and MAC. (HDD, SSD, RAM, Audio/Video card etc...)

  • On-line and Network Security Assessment and Remedies Deployment.​

  • Website design and maintenance (Wix, WordPress, Drupal, Weebly, etc...)

  • SMART HOME network and peripheral deployment. 

  • We provide On-Site, Pick Up and Deliver and Remote service options.   

Unlike traditional tech support service providers TECH 4-U's value spans across the client's entire IT wants and needs . This end to end service offering shapes the foundation of the TECH 4-U Client First DNA .


Our services can work in both a linear progression or as standalone service.

Pour nos clients francophone, nous offrons l'entièreté de nos services en français.  

Computer Repairs Clarence-Rockland

Efficiency, Security and Peace of Mind


Software and Hardware Options We strive to help your technology investments stay current, healthy and secure by providing you with access to industry leading edge software, anti virus platforms and hardware.



Network and Cloud based solutions  We install and set up both hard wired and wireless networks and also work closely with OneDrive, Box, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.. to assist clients with proper backup protocols.


Your Digital Security We live in a brave new world whereas we are firmly entrenched in a dependency on network connectivity and the internet which presents us with a continuous risk of having our data breached by Hackers. TECH 4-U can help you maximize your security and overall peace of mind by taking steps to mitigate your risk of exposure to data breaches.

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